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Secure Wireless Networking

Cygnia have a strong history of delivering Cyber Security Solutions. By applying this experience to wireless technologies, we believe a sensible balance can be struck between productivity and security which will ultimately improve user experience whilst protecting corporate data. Cygnia can help organisations find the right wireless solution and implement it with security in mind.

+   Cloud or On-Premise Controller Based?

Traditional controller-based solutions can be too complex and too expensive for small businesses or those with multiple sites requiring only a few access points (APs) each.

To address this growing market, enterprise WLAN vendors have ported their management and controllers to the cloud, simplifying management and reducing capital expenditure. With a cloud-managed WiFi architecture, customers now only need to buy and configure APs, rather than controllers or management servers.

Depending on your company’s structure, current network design and wireless requirements, one architecture will be better suited than the other. Cygnia can help you make the best decision for your business needs.

+   Cloud Wireless

If your organisation is geographically dispersed with hundreds or even thousands of branch sites, a cloud-based WLAN might be ideal for you. A cloud approach enables a single point of management, regardless of where IT staff is physically located, eliminating the need to deploy controllers at each site. Network Administrators with dispersed, on premise controllers no longer need to worry about remote access into each site, as everything is controlled in the cloud.

Based on your requirements, the choice of solutions can offer a new class of access point, combining the elements of advanced firewall protection at the network edge with the simplicity and convenience of cloud management.

Configuration management and reporting is provided through the cloud provisioning and management portal, providing comprehensive details on per-user and device application usage, bandwidth, and traffic analysis. It includes all the management tools needed for: adds, moves, and changes; user management, including BYOD on boarding and guest access captive portal management. What’s more, the cloud service can be completely free with no recurring management license.

+   On Premise Wireless Controller

The on premise wireless controller combines controller-based management, open application appliances, and a range of high-performance indoor and outdoor Access Points.

This offers an ideal solution when an organization needs to separate access infrastructure from the underlying network’s security infrastructure. With network-controlled roaming, users benefit from the best possible mobility experience. Our Infrastructure solution offers the most flexible channel configuration and layering to simplify deployment while increasing performance, traffic segmentation, and capacity. On top of this infrastructure is the wireless industry’s first open application platform to help IT teams build a more agile and open network. This product scales for implementation in small, medium, and large enterprises of all types.

+   Wireless Guest Access

It is not unusual for guests to require access to your secure wireless network. Guest traffic can be routed separately to your corporate traffic and controls can be put in place to limit systems access dependent upon guest profile ie: known or unknown user.

Guest access can be configured to allow self-service, sponsored access, time limited and bandwidth limited, to suit the guest profile. The guest experience can be further enhanced by allowing integration to social media. Visitors can easily connect to Guest WiFi by checking into their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. Social media login greatly simplifies on boarding of guests as there is no need to generate codes or temporary login passwords.

Cygnia can help you find a wireless solution for guests on your premises that suits your business need.

+   Wireless Intrusion Protection

The same amount of consideration should be given to the security of the wireless network as the perimeter network. Preventing unwanted threats and rouge network access also requires Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention (WIDP) solutions to help combat the threats and significant risks to the wireless network. Such solutions are designed to detect and neutralise these threats.

Cygnia can provide WIDP using existing access points and or dedicated sensors, enabling real-time wireless threat detection, attack prevention, policy enforcement and compliance reporting.

+   Real Time Location Services

Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) can leverage the wireless infrastructure to enhance the visibility of people and assets. Our solutions have the capability to provide location accuracy to the nearest meter and can be provided as an overlay service to existing WiFi networks or deployed as a hidden or standalone service.

Solutions can pinpoint known devices and devices that are not currently in use but have WiFi or Bluetooth switched on.

Whether it is asset or patient tracking in NHS to people flow patterns and increased per capita spend in retail or public venues, the use cases are diverse and will capitalise on your existing wireless investment.

We knew the technology could do the job and was reasonably priced. What won us over was how helpful Varonis and Cygnia were. They were really keen to help set up a demo, and were able to move quickly to get us up and working in a matter of days.

Karl Kroger – Data and Security Administrator, Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Having worked with Cygnia for a number of years, we trust them to advise on our security infrastructure. Their recommendations on defending against cyber attacks is critical to our business. We are already seeing the benefits of this new technology and could not be happier with the implementation process.

Paul Stern – IT Network and Security Manager, Arriva Trains

Network security is imperative to C24, it is one of the defining areas of our business. The expertise of Cygnia around this area provides us with comfort, and in turn has allowed us to reassure our customers that their security is covered. We have also come to recognise that the service provided by Cygnia is, in our opinion one of the best in the industry.

Paul Hemming – Managing Director, C24

Implementing a Direct Access solution has made remote working much simpler for council employees; this has seen double the amount of people using the service. As a result the authority will save money by being able to consolidate its property portfolio and staff have benefited from greater flexibility in their work arrangements.

Gavin Booth – Telecoms Service Manager, North Yorkshire County Council

Cygnia’s Managed Firewall Solution has provided us with a great service. Our security is taken care of by experts, so we can focus on running the business.

Infrastructure Manager, DP World London

Cygnia have provided excellent consultancy services and have always responded quickly to support queries and issues.

Pam Rowley, Infrastructure Planning Manager, Staffordshire County Council

If you are looking for a proactive partner to advise you on the latest security vectors and help you get the most out of your Check Point investment I can certainly recommend Cygnia. Their Account Managers, Technical Consultants and Support Team have all been first class.

David Moore – Head of IT, Chiltern Railways