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Mobile Security

As more users have greater freedom on how and where they can work and with laptops, smart phones and tablets becoming more prevalent in business life, managers and administrators need to consider the issues and threats that this poses.

From protecting the contents of a laptop hard drive, to shielding against virus attacks or users loading untrusted apps on to their phones or tablets, the range of issues facing endpoints has grown. Cygnia offers leading vendors technologies to be able to protect endpoints from a multitude of issues and threats.

+   Endpoint Security

Endpoints are critical to an organisations productivity, without them users cannot perform their jobs. However, they are possibly the biggest area of security threat as each one is susceptible to multiple vulnerabilities. Threats include viruses and malware, data loss or theft, hacking attacks and downloading unproductive and malicious programs and applications.

Cygnia have a wide selection of endpoint security and encryption solutions from multiple leading security vendors. The solutions encompass, Anti -Virus/ Malware, Hard Drive Encryption, USB Management, Firewall, Compliance Check and Program Control.


Endpoint Security - Mobile Anti-Virus

Anti Virus/ Anti Malware

Protects against rogue unauthorised scripts and programs being run on the computer.

Endpoint Security - Mobile Hard-Drive Encryption

Hard Drive Encryption

Provides security for the information contained on the hard drive, should a laptop/PC be lost or stolen the information contained on it is secure.

Endpoint Security - USB Management

USB Management

Control of which USB devices can be connected to the PC, how much information can be downloaded and whether it is encrypted helps protect the organisation from data leakage.

Endpoint Security - Firewall

Firewall and Compliance Check

Firewalls prevent 3rd parties accessing the laptops/ PC’s. Compliance Checking ensures the Anti Virus is up to date and the security is enabled before allowing VPN access to the corporate network.

Endpoint Security - Program Control

Program Control

Gives the administrator control over which applications the user can run on the laptop. This is done using a white or black list of programs ensuring that the user does not install unauthorised applications. Using a white list gives further protection from rouge scripts and programs being installed.


+   Mobile Device Management

As smart phones and tablets become more prevalent within business the need for organisations to manage and secure them becomes increasingly important.

Smart phones and tablets give users nearly as much flexibility and usability as a laptop, with internet access, applications, personal information, access to corporate systems, etc. This opens up a range of issues for the device to be misused, fall in to the wrong hands or hacked. There is a further issue of employees wanting their personal device connected to the network and backing up company information off the device.

Cygnia provide Mobile Device Management solutions from multiple leading security vendors. The solutions encompass, App Control, Encrypting the device, Tracking the Smart Phone, Separation of Corporate and Personal Data, Remote Wiping and URL Filtering.



App Control

Managing which applications can run on the device, preventing users from filling up the device with personal apps and having inappropriate applications running on the phone.


Device Encryption

Provides security for the information contained on the device, should a smart phone/or tablet be lost or stolen the information contained on it is secure.



If the smart phone or tablet is lost it can be tracked while still turned on.


Corporate and Personal Data Division

Allowing users to bring their own device and have corporate data (Email, Applications, Web, etc) run on the device in a secure container that does not integrate with the personal information. If the employee leaves the corporate data can be wiped without touching any of the personal information.


Remote Wiping

Wipe all the data on the phone if it is lost or stolen.


URL Filtering

Filter the information users can view via the web browser on the device.


+   Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), is a policy of allowing employees to bring personally owned endpoint devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to the workplace and to use those devices to access the organisations information and applications.

Allowing employees to use their own devices for work purposes brings with it a series of security issues. These include the same as any mobile device, losing the device, it being stolen, malicious apps and viruses, etc. The added issue is around the ownership of the device and keeping personal and work data separate for employees.

Cygnia provides and number of BYOD solutions, these include containerised solutions keeping work and personal data and applications separate so that the container protects the work data with encryption and passwords. The container can be wiped from the device if it is lost, stolen or obsolete.

Network Access Control (NAC) is another area of BYOD Cygnia can provide, checking the status of the device accessing the network and what resources it can access.

+   Hard Drive and USB Encryption

One of the key mobile issues facing organisations is data loss from USB sticks, laptops, removable hard drives and smart phones. As part of a wider data leakage prevention (DLP) strategy, endpoint and hard disk encryption for mobile devices is key to stop data leaving the organisation. This can be accidental, e.g. a laptop stolen or mislaid, or deliberate e.g. key financial data saved to a USB stick.

Cygnia provides a number of solutions from key vendors that protect the data on hard drives and USB sticks if they are lost or stolen.

+   Remote Access VPN Solutions

As working patterns change to accommodate modern business, more organisations need to connect their people remotely to the corporate network. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or IPSec (Installed client on the endpoint) VPN (Virtual Private Networks) offer organisations the ability to connect their employees/ contractors securely over the internet as if they were connected inside the organisations network, with all of the functionality of the network resources, e.g. email, CRM, network drives, etc.

Using encryption and endpoint checking/ protection it is possible to utilise the public internet securely from remote locations such as the end users home, hotels and Wi-Fi hotspots without having to set up expensive dedicated data lines.

Coupling a Strong Authentication solution for two factor authentication the organisation can have a full remote access solution, where the end user is securely authenticated and protected when connecting to the network from outside the LAN (Local Area Network).

Cygnia offer solutions from key vendors and can provide SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or IPSec (Installed Client) options.

+   Strong Authentication

Strong Authentication using two factor verification (Something you have and something you know) dramatically reduces the risk of someone gaining unauthorised access to an organisations network. For the end user there are many token types including, key fob tokens, software tokens for PC’s and mobile devices, card token’s and SMS tokens. Organisations can choose a suitable token for their users whether they regularly connect remotely (e.g. home workers) or use the service infrequently out of hours and for emergencies.

Cygnia offer a range of two factor authentication solutions from industry leading vendors.

+   Zero Day Threat Protection

A zero day attack is a threat that exposes undisclosed or unpatched application vulnerabilities. Zero day attacks are considered extremely dangerous because they take advantage of security holes for which no solution is currently available.

There are a number of new advanced solutions available that protect against zero day threats. They generally look for suspicious code in email and web traffic and the open them in a virtual sandbox to see what the script wants to do. If it is found to be malicious a number of remediation routes are available from altering an administrator to cutting the network access of the device so that it cannot replicate the threat across the network.

We knew the technology could do the job and was reasonably priced. What won us over was how helpful Varonis and Cygnia were. They were really keen to help set up a demo, and were able to move quickly to get us up and working in a matter of days.

Karl Kroger – Data and Security Administrator, Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Having worked with Cygnia for a number of years, we trust them to advise on our security infrastructure. Their recommendations on defending against cyber attacks is critical to our business. We are already seeing the benefits of this new technology and could not be happier with the implementation process.

Paul Stern – IT Network and Security Manager, Arriva Trains

Network security is imperative to C24, it is one of the defining areas of our business. The expertise of Cygnia around this area provides us with comfort, and in turn has allowed us to reassure our customers that their security is covered. We have also come to recognise that the service provided by Cygnia is, in our opinion one of the best in the industry.

Paul Hemming – Managing Director, C24

Implementing a Direct Access solution has made remote working much simpler for council employees; this has seen double the amount of people using the service. As a result the authority will save money by being able to consolidate its property portfolio and staff have benefited from greater flexibility in their work arrangements.

Gavin Booth – Telecoms Service Manager, North Yorkshire County Council

Cygnia’s Managed Firewall Solution has provided us with a great service. Our security is taken care of by experts, so we can focus on running the business.

Infrastructure Manager, DP World London

Cygnia have provided excellent consultancy services and have always responded quickly to support queries and issues.

Pam Rowley, Infrastructure Planning Manager, Staffordshire County Council

If you are looking for a proactive partner to advise you on the latest security vectors and help you get the most out of your Check Point investment I can certainly recommend Cygnia. Their Account Managers, Technical Consultants and Support Team have all been first class.

David Moore – Head of IT, Chiltern Railways