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Cyber Incident Response

Most companies rely on their computer systems and the data it contains to be able to run their businesses. This means that if something goes wrong, the risk to productivity, brand image and the risk of increasing costs can spiral if there isn’t a remediation plan in place. The best incident response strategies are made well in advance of problems arising and are tested thoroughly to ensure the best outcomes in bad situation.

The steps a company takes after a breach, DDoS attack or malware infestation can affect the level of damage that can be done and make any legal processes easier because the integrity of the evidence has been protected – the worst case scenario would be if any attempts at remediation by the IT department were to make the situation worse.

This is why you need a company who have proven experience of providing Cyber Incident Response and can help you:

  • Identify that an attack is taking place
  • Determine the attack type and what systems or data have been compromised
  • Set the objectives of remediation including clean up and investigation
  • Discover who staged the attack and why
  • Investigate how it happened
  • Ensure the vulnerability been addressed
  • Assess the overall business impact

They can also help with reporting the breach to the correct authorities and work as expert witnesses in legal proceedings. All of these things are critical to limiting the damage done and getting organisations back online.

+   Preparation

  • Incident Response Readiness Training
  • First responder training
  • Indicators of compromise training
  • Retained cyber incident response (cost saving compared to emergency cover)
  • Attack simulation and plan testing
  • Security gap analysis

+   Remediation

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Helpline
  • Reverse engineering and containment of Malware attacks
  • Network and application intrusion analysis
  • Mitigation of DDoS attacks
  • Short term device hire to protect from ongoing attacks
  • Deep and Dark Web monitoring

+   Forensics

  • PCI Forensic Investigations
  • Discovering what happened, what was affected and the scale of the issue
  • Intellectual property theft investigations
  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Professional evidence handling and collection
  • Knowing what happened aids in disclosing to law enforcement and public/customers

+   Recovery

  • Confirmation of successful remediation
  • Restoration of data, networks and other systems
  • Security assessment to help protect from further attacks
  • Penetration Testing

If you would like to talk about securing a retained Cyber Incident Response team, if you are concerned you may have suffered a cyber security incident or you are currently under attack, please call Cygnia Technologies immediately on 0121 647 6565.

We knew the technology could do the job and was reasonably priced. What won us over was how helpful Varonis and Cygnia were. They were really keen to help set up a demo, and were able to move quickly to get us up and working in a matter of days.

Karl Kroger – Data and Security Administrator, Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Having worked with Cygnia for a number of years, we trust them to advise on our security infrastructure. Their recommendations on defending against cyber attacks is critical to our business. We are already seeing the benefits of this new technology and could not be happier with the implementation process.

Paul Stern – IT Network and Security Manager, Arriva Trains

Network security is imperative to C24, it is one of the defining areas of our business. The expertise of Cygnia around this area provides us with comfort, and in turn has allowed us to reassure our customers that their security is covered. We have also come to recognise that the service provided by Cygnia is, in our opinion one of the best in the industry.

Paul Hemming – Managing Director, C24

Implementing a Direct Access solution has made remote working much simpler for council employees; this has seen double the amount of people using the service. As a result the authority will save money by being able to consolidate its property portfolio and staff have benefited from greater flexibility in their work arrangements.

Gavin Booth – Telecoms Service Manager, North Yorkshire County Council

Cygnia’s Managed Firewall Solution has provided us with a great service. Our security is taken care of by experts, so we can focus on running the business.

Infrastructure Manager, DP World London

Cygnia have provided excellent consultancy services and have always responded quickly to support queries and issues.

Pam Rowley, Infrastructure Planning Manager, Staffordshire County Council

If you are looking for a proactive partner to advise you on the latest security vectors and help you get the most out of your Check Point investment I can certainly recommend Cygnia. Their Account Managers, Technical Consultants and Support Team have all been first class.

David Moore – Head of IT, Chiltern Railways